Higher Grade Learning Centre

Higher Grade Method

Higher Grade Learning Centre takes a personal, tailored approach called the
Higher Grade Method to develop effective learning paths for each student. As a
hallmark of our institution and programs, our team of expert tutors collaborate
with parents, teachers, and the student to assess strengths, areas for
improvement, and learning style. We then create a custom-made learning plan,
combining content, organizational study skills, development, and mentorship to
help the student understand not only what to learn, but how to learn. As a
student progresses, Higher Grade Learning Centre tutors document a student’s
progress and ensure comprehensive feedback.



Listen & Define  – Before we start any tutoring, we consult with parents, teachers, and the student to discuss the student’s needs and to make recommendations for services. Our relationships with students and families are built on mutual trust, respect, and commitment. This is the foundation of our business. By taking the time to understand what makes each student unique, the learning process becomes more personalized, and therefore more effective.

Organize  – After listening and defining, we create an integrated learning plan. This approach combines customized content, organizational study skills development, and mentorship. By addressing, each student’s learning strengths and areas of improvement, and teaching not only what to learn but how to learn, we empower students to become successful life-long learners.

Engage   – Upon effectively organizing a student’s learning we engage in tutoring sessions. Dependent on the program, sessions vary in length and students are tutored either one-on-one or in small groups of four. Higher Grade Learning Centre does not require a minimum number of sessions, but most students enroll in at least one session with a tutor each week. Our Higher Grade Method works best replica watches with consistent tutoring to ensure students maintain high academic standards and discipline. We also offer “as needed” additional appointments if tutors are available.

Measure  – During the engagement process, development notes are documented to track the progress being made, and feedback is provided on an ongoing basis. Higher Grade Learning Centre tutors stay closely connected to teachers, families, and classroom teachers creating a supportive partnership for the success of our students. Our expert tutors maintain the highest standards of teaching, are committed to providing assistance with skill development, and facilitate learning.


**Higher Grade Learning Centre and Parents**
To understand a student’s academic challenges and goals, we have a comprehensive initial conversation. We also check in regularly and provide monthly progress updates. In addition, our tutors are available at any time to answer questions, provide educational expertise, address new concerns, or share successes.

**Higher Grade Learning Centre and Teachers**
Higher Grade Learning Centre has been tutoring in the Lower Mainland since 2003. We help develop a strong learning plan that supports the classroom curriculum.

**Higher Grade Learning Centre and Students**
We treat each student as a unique individual. Based on the student’s specific developmental needs, our tutors create a comprehensive, customized learning plan. Factors such as past academic performance, study habits, learning styles, and long-term educational goals are evaluated in order to achieve long-term success. Our tutors act as both subject experts and mentors, helping students build confidence and become self-motivated learners.

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