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Steps to Success

Improved education outcomes start with quality early childhood education in the first five years of a child’s life. It prevents the achievement gap, increases school readiness and builds a solid foundation for success in college, career and life. Moreover, instilling key skills at an early age helps to increase an intellectual curiosity and excitement about learning.

Higher Grade Learning Centre’s Steps to Success program offers the skills needed for children 3 to 5 years old to begin their learning journey. The innovative program combines fundamental phonetics, motor skills, and language theory, resulting in a child developing enhanced visual and auditory differentiation.

Steps to Success students are gently introduced to a structured learning environment – balanced with fun, play activities to encourage natural curiosity and enthusiasm. By focusing on alphabet and number recognition, along with cognitive, fine motor and critical thinking replica watches for mens skills, we help students develop school readiness and learning skills at an accelerated rate.

Students who have participated in Steps to Success have increased their comprehension and speed at which they learn to read, write, and speak.

Examples of areas covered by Steps to Success

• Recognition of alphabet and numbers

• Phonics and sight words

• Developing comprehension and memory

• Fine motor skills

• Social skills

For more information on Steps to Success, contact us at 604.572.9235.

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