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English First

In order to participate in informal social interactions as well as more formal and academic contexts, individuals whose primary language is not English may need to develop skills to understand and communicate appropriately in spoken English. They require comprehension in a variety of ways, for a range of purposes and audiences, using a range of learning tools.

English First is a unique program at Higher Grade Learning Centre that supports English language development of students whose first language is not English. Designed for students of all ages, English First focuses on conversational English in small group settings with appropriate support until students are independently confident. Essentially, a crash course in conversational English, the program is delivered in a variety of ways to meet the varying needs of non-English speaking students at different stages of their learning.

Developed specifically to help those individuals who wish to work and live in North America, the small group setting provides confidence building, verbal communication skills, and leads to faster mastery of English. Educational experts assist rolex students in developing an understanding of the cultural contexts of English within a school setting, the wider community in which they live, and social interactions.

English First focuses on:

• Grammatical structures and features of English

• Proper use of accents and common speech

• Building strong receptive and thinking skills

• Increasing English vocabulary

To find out more about English First, contact us at 604.572.9235.

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