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Sometimes students need a bit of extra guidance with homework. They may need resources they do not have at home. Others may want to engage with other students in social learning to excel in a subject. All this and more can be found with the Higher Grade Learning Centre’s E-Pass – an exclusive drop-in tutoring program.

E-Pass is a flexible, casual way to get help without having to plan far in advance. By purchasing an E-Pass, students have access to tutors and resources at Higher Grade Learning Centre, six days a week during appointed hours.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to our facility, computers and resources
  • On-going help and assistance from our tutors in all subjects
  • Drop-in hours that suit your needs
  • A fun, flexible, and interactive learning environment

It is recommended that students prepare for a E-Pass session in the same way that they would a regular tutoring appointment. Students should bring any materials that will make the session productive. Materials might include your textbook, the class syllabus, assignments, class notes, highlighters and pens.

Upon arriving at an E-Pass session, students sign in and can utilize materials and learning aids. They can also decide to work independently or with other students working on the same subjects. Tutors are available to provide assistance whenever needed. This attention builds support around the student while they become stronger in concepts and skills, thereby preparing them to build confidence in working on assignments and tests.

At times, if many students need help in the same subject, tutors may coordinate small groups, enabling the opportunity for students to work with other students on problem areas. Tutors will be available to answer any questions a group may have, and to help keep learning focused and on task. Working with other students while under the supervision of a tutor reinforces concepts and aids in comprehension. It is also a perfect setting for social students who prefer to learn by communicating with others.

To find out more about E-Pass, contact us at 604.572.9235.

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