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Time Management

As a student, life can be very busy. Being involved in sports, music, dance or other activities can feel like they are pulling you away from your homework. With more demands on your time, you may feel overwhelmed. In reality, there is no need to fret there is plenty of time to study, do homework and still fit extra activities and social occasions into your schedule. The secret behind it all is effective time management.

With a little planning, you can gain control over your time and making choices about, how you will spend your time, and how much time will be spent on each activity and school subject area.

Time management will help you to set goals for yourself. What do you need to accomplish, and by when? This will help you organize and schedule your time. Time management takes self-discipline and self-motivation to follow a schedule and meet your goals, but if you learn to accomplish this feat, you will be successful in achieving a more balanced life and on your way to becoming a lifelong learner.

  • List and number homework in order of priority
  • Commit yourself to a schedule and stick to it
  • Schedule your time in half‐hour blocks. Plan to spend more time on the subjects, which require improvement
  • Set aside time for review before a test
  • Schedule time for review of returned assignments and tests
  • If you do not finish a task. Transfer it to a future date
  • Check‐off all assignments that you have completed
  • Review your weekly schedule regularly and adjust if needed

Buy a scheduler. Fill it out with your daily, weekly and monthly time commitments; your class times, study times, upcoming tests rolex swiss replica watches, project due dates, social events, sports events, appointments with doctors or a tutor if needed. Write it all down in the scheduler. You will eliminate conflicts and it will become clear how to plan your time around the demands and events you are committed to and want to attend. Take your scheduler everywhere you go and use it every day.

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