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Confucius noted, “Success depends upon preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” This is the perfect adage for preparing for a tutoring session at HGLC.
Over the years, we have found that those students who come prepared, attain the biggest learning successes. So we have created a quick guide to help be prepared for a tutoring session.
  1. Come Prepared: Have questions ready to ask your tutor when you meet. Be able to identify what areas you are having difficulty with understanding. Materials might include your textbook, the class syllabus, assignments, class notes, highlighters and pens.
  2. Play an ACTIVE role in your session: Ask questions when you do not understand material. Look over your readings or homework before attending the tutoring session. Do not just use the tutoring session to complete your homework. Ask the tutor for real life examples that you understand. Ask how a similar question might be asked on an exam.
  3. Get the extras: If you are struggling to learn a concept, ask for more questions to practice on. It has been found that we learn by doing. Often tutors can offer another approach to understanding a complex idea: ask if you are having difficulty understanding a concept. Tutors are aware of how the course material fits into your school curriculum. Understanding how the material fits into the overall picture may help you to understand.
  4. Make your tutoring session effective: Stay on topic and don’t be distracted by trivial matters. Remember that little or nothing can be done to change the subject matter, the textbook or the instructor during your tutoring session.
  5. Respect your tutor’s schedule: When working with a tutor, remember that they may have students waiting for them after your session. Please be on time,  if you may be running late, call our centre and we can prepare accordingly.

Study Tips:

  1. Review lecture notes the same day that you receive them. Retention and understanding are both improved with regular review. If all else fails review your class material at least once a week.
  2. Be an active learner: engage in class, ask questions and take part in discussions.
  3. Find a quiet place to study away from distractions. Know what things distract you and try to reduce or remove them from you study site.
  4. Practice good time management techniques. Learn to use small bits of time (5 to 10 minutes) for study or review.
  5. Have a “study buddy” at school with whom you can share notes, should one of you be absent.
  6. When studying or reviewing material, recite the material out loud. Studying out loud or attempting to explain a concept to someone else greatly enhances retention.
  7. Use study aids like flash cards to memorize terms, definitions and formulas.
Remember, your HGLC tutor is at the session at your request. Notify the tutor early if you need to cancel the session.
For more information on Higher Grade Learning Centre, contact us at 604.572.9235.
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