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Learning Paths

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.” It is also the motivation behind Higher Grade Learning Centre’s – Learning Paths program.

Learning Paths is designed to support and encourage students in their studies. As the centre’s most popular program, tutoring methods vary according to each student’s unique curricular requirements, current content knowledge, developmental level, and learning style and preferences. Our small group, adaptive approach ensures that students receive instruction that works best for them. We ensure there is a four student to one tutor ratio – this enables every student to receive undivided attention.

Beginning with a skills assessment and parental/student consultation, educational tutors are able to diagnostically asses a student’s academic performance and learning habits. From there, an individualized program, taking into account the guidance of school teachers, is designed to work in parallel with their school curriculum and students work in small groups. Along the way, tutoring notes are documented to track progress being made, and feedback is provided on an ongoing basis.

The Learning Paths program helps students sharpen their concentration, listening, and memorization skills. In addition, students are assisted in setting educational goals, which include long-term education planning. The result is simple: confident students who increase their intellectual curiosity and excitement about learning.

To find out more about Learning Paths, contact us at 604.572.9235.

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