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Higher Grade Learning Centre tutors play pivotal roles in empowering students and helping them to discover the benefits of self-initiated lifelong learning. Strong academic backgrounds, subject mastery, teaching experience and the ability to connect with students, parents, and teachers are requirements for all of our tutors.

Students value our tutors for their teaching style and supportive coaching. Parents and educators choose Higher Grade Learning Centre because of the effective results our tutors achieve. Our rigorous hiring process ensures we have the best tutors matched with our students. We take the time to select the best tutor for every student’s academic needs and learning style. Higher Grade Learning Centre tutors are graduates from British Columbia’s most prominent universities, such as Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia. Many hold teaching credentials and advanced degrees.

In our student-centered environment, our tutors help to ease learning apprehension and develop self-confidence in learning. Each tutor has experience working with a range of students from different backgrounds and learning styles.Higher Grade Learning Centre hires experienced tutors who:

  • Have teaching and/or tutoring experience
  • Are subject experts
  • Able to communicate effectively with students, parents, and educators
  • Believe in empowering students and encourage discovery of self-initiated learning
  • Provide support to students with learning or behavioural challenges

By quickly developing a rapport with her students, Kanwaljit enables students to grow in confidence and competence in their respective subject matter. She particularly enjoys seeing the progress a student makes through the targeted process that one-to-one tutoring provides. She is fully up to date with the latest developments in education and qualifications, as she is enrolled in the PDP program at UBC in the Secondary School Option. Additionally, she has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from UBC.

Palwinder’s focus is on praise and encouragement with new students, whilst guiding them to success. She is patient and outgoing and has recently expanded her role from tutor to include Faculty Supervisor. She has a great ability to motivate students and make the subject concerned, an exciting one to study. “Whether you are struggling to grasp complex concepts, or just want to learn material that you need clarification with, I am here to help.” She enjoys motivating students and seeing their confidence grow. Palwinder tutors a wide range of subjects and holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from SFU.

By being familiar with the difficulties students commonly face, Fatima can help avoid common issues. “As your tutor, I will help you understand the material inside and out, anticipate questions and problems, and develop the skills necessary to build confidence.” Fatima’s teaching style adapts to a student’s specific needs. “I can present the same material in a variety of ways to help achieve mastery. Whatever confusions you’ve had, I’ve seen them before and will do what it takes for the light-bulb to go off.” Fatima prides herself on being a passionate teacher, sensitive to the stress students endure, and committed to helping them succeed. Fatima holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in Mathematics from SFU.

Michelle is passionate about learning and helping others learn. “I have tutored students coming from a wide range of ages, academic and cultural backgrounds and disabilities. I’ve also instructed at the college level – I know what your teachers are looking for, I know what you’re trying to learn, and I know many techniques for helping you achieve your goals.” Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from SFU and is fluent in French.

Jaswinder is a people person, who has developed a passion for teaching. She obtained her degree from the University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Science with a major in Cell Biology and Genetics. She enjoys tutoring because of the opportunity it gives to adapt to the lessons of tutees particular needs and learning style. Jaswinder has developed a reputation for quickly striking up an excellent and good-humoured teaching relationship with young learners. “I see challenges as an important part of life, which help us learn and become better people overtime. If I am able to affect one person in my lifetime, I will consider myself the happiest person alive.”

Izaaz's teaching method hinges on being able to form a rapport with students as quickly as possible. Once the rapport has been established and the student knows that he cares, getting them excited about learning is sure to follow. "Caring is contagious - it starts with you. If you can show the student that you care about them they will, in turn, start to care about themselves." Its this skillset that makes, Izaaz a versatile tutor, adept at a wide variety of subjects. Officially, Izaaz holds a Bachelor's of Science in Biology from the University of British Columbia.

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