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iLearn DL is a leading edge, Ministry-approved, online education portal for Grade 8 to 12. Offering outstanding, highly effective curriculums, iLearn DL enables mastery of core concepts and skills in a variety of courses. As a progressive way for students to learn, iLearn DL provides flexibility in learning, nurtures confidence, cherishes cultural and individual diversity and develops the skills needed to succeed in our changing world.

iLearn DL is focused on being available to any child, anywhere, who can benefit from an online approach, whether it’s full-time schooling outside of the traditional brick-and-mortar school, or through part-time cheap tag heuer or supplemental options outside of the traditional classroom.

Benefits for Parents and Students:

  • Individualized learning customized to each child’s needs
  • Award-winning curriculum that engages young minds from Grades 8 to 12
  • Rich combination of online interactive learning
  • High school full and part-time options to help students find their own path
  • A new kind of powerful, personalized connection with teachers

Benefits for Educators:

  • 21st Century tools and services to strengthen the promise of British Columbia‚Äôs education

To learn more about iLearn DL, call 604.590.5504 or visit www.ilearndl.com.

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